2023 Raptor Attachments 72" LAND LEVELER

Category: Attachments
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Last Updated: 07/06/2023


Equipment Detail

Call it a ground leveler, a grader leveler, or a land plane, this skid steer land planer is what you need to level ground and works well with most soil types. Aside from grading soil, the Land Leveler with scarifier teeth is perfect for: breaking up hard ground, removing sod, grading driveways, cleanup purposes, clearing weeds, preparing soil, and creating troughs for grass seeding. Our land leveler for skid steer is built heavier with a wide cutting edge. Most of the weight for the land leveler is located in the frame, and the frame is made from high-strength and durable A514/A572 steel.

*All products come powder coated for increased rust resistance and durability.