2023 Raptor Attachments 72" GRAPPLE RAKE

Category: Attachments
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Last Updated: 07/06/2023


Equipment Detail

Our skid steer grapple rake is ideal for picking up and moving rocks, debris, brush, and logs. The wide opening of this rake style makes gripping large loads simple. Wear parts are made with A514 Steel plate (also known as T-1 steel plate). This grade of quenched and tempered steel offers extreme strength, resistance to wear, and high-impact ratings. Non-wear parts are made with A572 steel which is recognized for its high strength and corrosion resistance. Many reinforcing bars, bridges, skyscrapers, and houses utilize this strong steel. The universal attachment fits all skid steer brands 3” bore, 3000 PSI cylinder *All products come powder coated for increased rust resistance and durability.