2015 Komatsu HB215

Category: Excavators
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Last Updated: 03/26/2018


Equipment Detail

HB215LC-1 HYBRID EXCAVATOR 31.5" TRIPLE GROUSER SHOES ,9'7" STD ARM ASSY ,18'8" STD BOOM.The HB215LC-1 uses groundbreaking swing regeneration hybrid technology to save up to an average of 25% in fuel consumption and a like amount in emissions. By capturing the energy that normally would be lost during swing braking in a capacitor, the energy can then be used to power the swing and has energy left to boost the engine by up to 60 horsepower. And all this is done without losing any performance over a standard excavator. And by the way, the HB215LC-1 is very quiet, which is great when working in urban areas