Caterpillar 6 In x 6 In Vaccum Assist

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Last Updated: 09/17/2021


Equipment Detail

2019 Caterpillar Vacuum Assist 6 Inch x 6 Inch, PORTABLE CATERPILLAR DIESEL SYKES WATER TRASH SEWAGE PUMP.DESCRIPTION:Vacuum Assisted Heavy Duty Trash Pump Dry Prime.Portable/Trailer Mounted.6 Discharge X 6 Suction. 4 Cylinder Diesel Powered Engine. Float Switch.Open single axle Sykes trash/water and sewage dry priming pump designed with an auxiliary vacuum pump delivers the fastest priming available with high volume pumping of liquids and air. The perfect choice for high lift applications, including liquids with abrasives or suspended solids.FEATURES:Automatic dry priming and re-priming.Large solids handling capability – up to 3 inches.Vacuum chamber provides quick dry priming from 15 feet in just 15 seconds.Ideal for snore conditions with high air handling.3-vane ductile iron impeller as well as alternative pump ends for corrosive materials.Dry running abrasion resistant wear plate as well as tungsten carbide mechanical seal with Viton elastomers.Diesel fuel engine with back pull-out design for easy maintenance.APPLICATIONS:Construction: Dewatering excavations, canals and sumps, groundwater dewatering with wellpoint systems or sock underdrains, bypassing sewers and bodies of water, extended sumping, water supply from wells or canals, hosing down concrete castings.Waste Treatment: Sewer bypass, moving mud or solids in suspension, dosing neutralizing liquids, pumping out sludgeCivil Engineering: Sewage pumping, flood drainage, fire fighting, recovery of hazardous liquids.Mining: Wash down operations, tailings, high-head/high-volume applications.Industrial: Transfer of clean or dirty liquids, mud or solids in suspension, low viscosity oil products.Agriculture: Surface irrigation, liquid manure oxygenation, transfer and spraying of fertilizers or manure.


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