2022 Joskin KTP22/50

Category: Dump Trailers
Marketplace ID: 7F7A96BD
Last Updated: 01/04/2022


Equipment Detail

Wheels 24R20.5 (Michelin) 176 FTL XS (Ø 1.360 x 600 mm, 8.195 kg at 40 km/h) instead of 400R22.5.  

Hydropneumatic drawbar (DA) instead of sprung drawbar, drawbar with silent-blocks or simplified hydropneumatic drawbar (2 nitrogenaccumulators - suspension when vehicle loaded and unloaded).  

Air braking power in proportion to the load on Hydro-Tandem or Hydro-Tridem (air brakes compulsory).  

End outline marker lamps and side marker lights with LED bulbs.  

Galvanized headboard.  

Side bumpers.  

JOSKIN Ø 80 mm knee-joint eyelet 4 T instead of 3 T (large plate).  

2 LED rear working lights + LED flash bar.