2014 Caterpillar C18

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Last Updated: 04/28/2023


Equipment Detail

2014 Caterpillar C18 Industrial Diesel Engine - Inspected
6 cylinder diesel motor
800 hp
s/n: WRH06147

Please ask questions and we will respond with answers usually within a few hours. 
We have a Dyno Sheet from a local CAT dealer that was done 06/27/2022. 
No expense was spared in removing this engine from its previous job, a stand was 
built and the engine transported to the dealer for 
testing. The sheet is available to anyone interested. The engine is fully dressed 
and ready to bolt in and go to work. 
Inspection is available in Fontana, CA. We are located approximately 10 miles 
from Ontario International Airport. 
We ask that an appointment be made so we sure to be available. 
We are also able to call you directly at your convenience. 
The seller has been in the industry in excess of 50 years and has a great 
reputation for knowledge and delivering exactly as promised. 
Transportation is the responsibility of the purchaser but we have loading 
capabilities included in the price. 
Location: Fontana DAW

Test Date: 06/27/2022
Test Spec: OK4938
Full Load RPM: 2100
Torque Check RPM: 1400 RPM
Low Idle RPM: 700
High Idle RPM: 2310
Manifold Pressure: 32.3 PSI
Air Inlet Temp: 122 F
Full load value: 800 HP
Torque Value: 2695 LB FT
Oil PSI @ Idle: 22
Oil PSI Full Load: 87.0 (Max)
Oil Temp @ Full Load: 170 to 230 DEG F
Coolant Temp: 170 to 230 DEG F (Glycol)
Fuel Rate: 38.6 GAL / HR
Fuel PSI: 102Fuel Setting: 87 FTS:83
Engine Hours: 14,805
Note: , this is a 2014 CARB Compliant engine
Contact: Richard 909-553-5787