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We offer our registered sellers a free website, developed by Machinery Marketplace and Web Horsepower, to promote your business & equipment. We also offer paid version that includes many advanced features tailored to your needs at low price.

Equipment Listing X X
Equipment Details X X
Sales Lead form via MM.Net X
Compatible with Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. X X
Secured Site (SSL) X X
Business Domain Name X X
Full-blown website (i.e. Home page, Services)   X
Business Logo   X
Admin Tool   X
Auto-Submit EQ to Marketplace   X
Unlimited FREE Ads 5 EQ X
Customized design   X
Ready for Google/Bing Search engines   X
Store Location Listing   X
Many more...   X
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We made it easy for you. All you have to do is click on the button on the right "Request A Website". Fill out your information in the Contact Us form. In the comment box, please let us know that you want a website.