As a seller at the Machinery Marketplace, you gain access to thousands of potential buyers, but they tend to contact only sellers they trust. That's the whole purpose of TSSC, which certifies your website and gain customers' trust up front so that they feel more comfortable in contacting you. Read further for details.

As a buyer at the Machinery Marketplace, you can view thousands of equipment and attachments. You want to get the best deals, but you also want to know whom you should contact among the crowd. TSSC does some leg works for you and identifies sellers who are ready for online business. Read further for details.


What is TSSC?

TSSC is the Machinery Marketplace’s proprietary program that aims to build buyers' trust that facilitates online activities.


TSSC dealership will earn our trademark logo by that customers know we have verified you on their behalf. TSSC program is free for all sellers.


What are the benefits of TSSC?

  1. Certified website will get direct link from the high-traffic marketplace. Non-certified dealerships' websites are not shown on the Marketplace.
  2. TSSC dealerships will stand out by having our TSSC stamp next to their name.
  3. TSSC members will have special accesses to certain features that are only offered to members periodically.


How can I join TSSC?

  1. Complete the application form.
  2. Once reviewed, our dedicated staffs will contact your dealership to formally review your website and finalize the process.
  3. Once certified, our staffs will grant you certification on our system and your benefits will start.


What does TSSC verify?

TSSC does not aim to verify the ligitimacy of a business entity, its legal establishment, its business history and/or any of the alikes. TSSC only verifies the applicant seller's website is not a hoax, and the applicant has good intent and is ready to serve the Marketpalce's customers. These are the areas the Machinery Marketplace examines and verifies:


What does TSSC not verify?

TSSC does not verify anything that are not listed in the "What does TSSC verify" section. Some examples of what TSSC does not verify are:


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