Remac Stone Burier IS 165H

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Last Updated: 12/12/2018

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Equipment Detail

High capability of buring stones, surface vegetation and hostile clods. The rotor, provided with special hoe-blades, throws debris and soil against the selection grating by rotating counter-clockwise. Only refined soil can pass trought while stones and useless debris are buried. One pass is sufficient to obtain a clean, refined and levelled surface layer (app. 15-25 cm) making the soil perfectly dreinable.   

Standard features: Net or cage self-cleaning roller, PTO shaft with slip clutch, 2nd and 3rd cat. connection, PTO 540 RPM, Special Blades Remac design, Mechanical rear roller adjuster, Multi speed gearbox, Side Adjustment roller, Levelling bar, 1 disc on chain side, Oil bath chain drive or gear drive.

On demand: Paker Roller, PTO shaft with cam clutch, Hydraulic roller adjuster, 2nd disc, double chain drive 540 RPM, 

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