Altronic Series 80 Bi-Fuel System

Category: Generators
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Last Updated: 04/11/2023

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Altronic GTI Series 80 Bi-Fuel System. This a slightly used system, Fits Generators with KW output 1500 KW to 2500KW rating. It is an innovative patent technology that enables operators of Diesel engines to substantially reduce operational costs. Environment lower emissions, Extended Maintenance Intervals, No loss of Power, Efficiency, Stability and Load Acceptance. No engine modifications are required. Nothing needs to be changed or altered. Easy bolt-on environmental cost saving solution. Substituting diesel fuel with the cleaner-burning and lower cost gas fuel. Allows engines to safely operate on gas percentages up to 70% Gas Fuel. Use it on Pipeline, Liquid and Compressed Natural Gas, Wellhead Gas, Bio-Gas, Coal-Based Gas and Propane. There are thousands of the Bi-Fuel System operating around the world at hospitals, financial intuitions, factories, telecommunications and many more. Located in Ontario, will ship anywhere in Canada and USA