2022 KEITH Manufacturing Stationary Walking Floor

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Last Updated: 05/28/2024


Equipment Detail

Stationary Keith Walking Floor unit

  • 22' Feet Long, 10'4"W, 9' 1.5"H
  • 20hp Simplex Hydraulic power unit
  • Electrical Control Panel
  • KRFII 3.0" Drive Unit
  • Ramp and Discharge screw are separate and disassembed, but can be included upon request
  • A specialized hydraulic system used for material handling. Consists of a series of panels that move in a reciprocating manner, allowing for the controlled loading and unloading of bulk materials such as wood chips, agricultural products, recyclables, and waste. Its unique design enables efficient and automated transfer of materials, making it ideal for applications such as waste management facilities, recycling centers, biomass processing plants, and industrial warehouses where continuous material flow is required.”