2016 Vogele 5100-2

Category: Asphalt & Conrete
Marketplace ID: 247DA3C6
Last Updated: 11/20/2023


Equipment Detail

Vogele 5100-2 Asphalt Paver Only 774 hrs, One owner machine. That is in showroon condition Meticulously maintained & cleaned after every use. 1000 Hr service Just Performed. Changed all fluids/filters. Carlson EZIV 8-15' Screed With Max Paving Width of 19.6 has Heated Bolt on Extensions, 2' Auger extensions, Tunnels, Power Berms integrated in to the screed 18"Right 12"Left, Neviltronic grade and slope, Needs Nothing ready for work. Why pay Over 600K new?. This machine savings allows you add vitail equipment to others areas of your business and this paver is gaurenteed to Increase your companies capabilities,Increase the quality of your work as well as Increase your production while lowering over all costs. Larger class machines like Vogele’s are the next step in business.